Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is conceived as a kind of exercise as well as sport in which individuals climb up and down natural or artificial cliffs. Rock climbing on beginner level is beneficial to all age groups of young learners. In Dadman kindergarten a separated floor is designed for sport purposes. One of the most favorite activities in children’s eyes is rock climbing. Rock climbing improves wide range of skills in young learners and therefore children could benefit massively from practicing it. All the designed paths in rock climbing are like a puzzle to children which needs to be solved and planned. Children who practice rock climbing have stronger will power, analytical skills, and problem solving strategies. Rock climbing teaches children to choose the best path in real life when facing dilemmas.

Going through difficulties in choosing the best path, helps children in improving their self-confidence. Since this exercise is operated socially, kids learn to interact with one another more efficiently and become more social human beings.

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