Music activates three important elements of a child’s being which are mind, feeling, and body. Research concludes that listening to music passively, makes more intelligent children. If children listen to music from early stages in their lives, it helps them to achieve mental progress enormously. It is a fact that children who play a musical instrument benefit more comparing to the ones that are exposed to music in indirect manner.

Music courses in Dadman kindergarten are based on Carl Orff method of teaching. All children experience rhythm in mother’s body through heart beat, therefore, they own musical intelligence. In Dadman kindergarten, we improve musical intelligence through musical games and rhythmic physical activity.

In order to make children familiar with music, we use rhythmic games and activities. we use wide range of Carl Orff musical instruments such as mallet, Jingle stick, Triangle, and Maracas. These instruments aid children in improving their mental, innovative, and dynamic skills.

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