Gymnastics is presented as the basis for all other sports and is known as the mother of all. There is a great misunderstanding regarding gymnastics and children’s height. Experts believe that gymnastics demands agility, flexibility as well as pace. Shorter people seem to be stronger in these characteristics comparing to taller ones. All in all, there is no proof that gymnastics causes any damage to children’s growth and height.

The advantages of gymnastics are more than clear, considering their present and future wellbeing. Attending gymnastic classes regularly has great amount of positive effect on children’s mental as well as physical health. Considering its physical advantages; it causes more agility, stamina, balance, flexibility, power, coordination, and relaxation of body parts. Children would be able to manage their bodies more effectively through gymnastics. Children achieve body control, adaptability, stress control, and time planning with the aid of gymnastics.

Gymnastics has great mental advantages as well. It causes children to be more conscious about their bodies and sensitive about the manner in which different parts of the body coordinate with one another. These children would be able to create more dynamic bonds on social level as well.

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