Educational Framework

Dadman kindergarten’s educational framework is based on the “Learning by doing” approach. The heart of “Learning by doing” perspective is the belief learning happens when the learner is engaged in the task. This approach emphasizes the fact that, not only playing has an important role in children’s learning process, it is also an essential element in their lives. Playing is the most important factor in children’s lives when it comes to understanding their surroundings. The child is the main factor in the following processes: understanding his/her surroundings, shaping his/her emotions, improving his/her skills, as well as the learning process.

In Dadman kindergarten, we are obliged to help our lovely children to institutionalize the enthusiasm to learn. We help them to have better understanding of differences in their surroundings. We stand by our children’s side and hold their hands tight to make independent human beings, improve their self-confidence, and help them to have healthy mental and physical progress.

Dadman Kindergarten is delighted to propose the premium standard of childcare in Tehran. To facilitate children’s academic journey, it is essential to believe that every child has a unique learning style. Some children acquire the knowledge better when it is presented visually, some would like auditory learning approach. However, the majority of the children prefer kinesthetic learning methods. Each child has distinctive desires and challenges. In our daycare, we respect the diversity of our beloved applicants by offering various programs that can satisfy a wide range of educational requirements. Our highly experienced team apply their outstanding knowledge and skills to teach children through fun and play. We suppose that this form of learning style can stimulate imagination and creativity to develop the full potential of each child.

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